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SureCatch World Private Limited is one of Southeast Asia’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of sports fishing tackle. Headquartered in Singapore, we have provided anglers with choice fishing tackle brands and products for more than 60 years. 


Fishing is our business.

Catch the Next Wave.

Founded in 1926, Siow Chiang Co. Pte Ltd rebranded itself in 2013 as SureCatch World Pte Ltd, to reflect on our vision to be a holistic provider of products and experiences for sports fishing tackle. Since the introduction of one of its brands, SureCatch, in 1997, they have brought to the market other high quality brands such as ATC in 2001, Zerek Innovation in 2010, and BONE Fishing World in 2016.


Presently, with a team of established, dedicated, and reputable anglers, as well as our in-house production, design and marketing teams, SureCatch World's direction has advanced and progressed. With continuous effort and development, as well as being at the forefront of modern fishing tackle technology, SureCatch World strives to bring fishing to the next level in all aspects.


SureCatch World Pte Ltd continues to fulfil the purpose of providing the best-in-class experience for fishermen, working with our partners to develop new brands, and to grow existing brands in new markets.


As SureCatch World continues to grow, our motto suggests how the company is able to sustain its growth and prosper, as it "catches new waves".


Inspired by the historical development of SureCatch World, the tag line shows how SureCatch World capitalises on the right moments to seize new businesses.

The motto also alludes to SureCatch, SureCatch World’s first successful house brand. The usage of "catch" gives SureCatch World the impression of being proactive in growing the business.



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