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"The fishing industry is ever-changing in all aspects, and since I took the reins back in 2008, it has been my goal to grow the company from what it was to where we are now, a global and modern fishing tackle company, without disregarding the roots and tradition of my family business that has been for generations. It has always been our duty to strive and fulfil our purpose of providing the best-in-class experience for anglers, which has led to where we are now!"

Rebranding to SureCatch World Pte Ltd, 2013

In 1926, CHOP SIOW CHIANG started its business operations in Singapore selling hair cream and perfume. This would go on for a few decades until Mr. Toh Lim Mok, second generation of the Toh family, took over the reins of the company and ventured into the business of sewing nets for commercial fishing.

In 1977, CHOP SIOW CHIANG was officially registered its business as SIOW CHIANG & CO. PTE. LTD when it took distributorship of MUSTAD into the Southeast Asian Market.

In the next decade, SIOW CHIANG & CO. was able to secure distributorship rights for various fishing tackle brands that were popular during the time, such as PENN, RAPALA, ABU, NILSMASTER to name a few. 

By 1990s, four stores were opened locally in Singapore. In 1997, SIOW CHIANG & CO. launched its first house brand, SURECATCH. At this time, SIOW CHIANG & CO. also acquired a factory, ANKA TACKLE CORPORATION (Johor Bahru) which produced fishing rods, lines, and sinkers. This lead to the launch of a new house brand, ATC.

In 2004, the Head Office in Singapore moved to 30 Ubi Road 4, which still remains the headquarters till date. The premises includes the Head Office, Warehouse, and Retail Outlet (until 2020). This lead to the rebranding of SIOW CHIANG & CO. PTE LTD.

By this time, a well established team was formed in the company. This includes various in-house departments, from development, design, logistics, sales & marketing teams. 

In 2008, Ms. Doris Toh, third generation of the Toh family, took over the reins of the company. She launched a new house brand, ZEREK INNOVATION, in 2009, and continued reaching new highs for the company.

In 2013, CEO Doris Toh rebranded SIOW CHIANG & CO. PTE LTD to SURECATCH WORLD PTE LTD. The retail store was also rebranded to CATCHBAY PTE LTD.

In 2016, SURECATCH WORLD PTE LTD launched a new house brand, BONE Fishing World, in partnership with Mr. Bone Lim who was tasked with development and design. This lead to the opening of a new retail outlet, BIG DIPPER TACKLE and partnership with KAISER PRO SHOP (Tackle Store) in Singapore.

Spearheaded by CEO Doris Toh, SURECATCH WORLD PTE LTD was able to consistently evolve and improve, reaching new highs with a driven and well established team that upholds high standards of a modern fishing tackle company.



Doris Toh

First business premises along Arab St., Singapore

1 ANKA Tackle.jpg

ANKA TACKLE CORP. Factory in Johor


Premises in 30 UBI ROAD 4, 2004


Retail outlet at Beach Road, 1990s

Launch of Catchbay Retail Outlet, 2013.


Siow Chiang Family Day, 2011

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