Our Brands

Why Work with Us

Here are four reasons to work with SureCatch World, an established player in the fishing tackle industry.

Wide distribution network. We are currently selling in more than 35 countries across five continents.

Connectivity in East Asia. We have access to manufacturers and partners in China, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Quality fishing tackle brands. At SureCatch World, we are selective in the brands that we choose to carry. Each brand is a proven performer, with unique characteristics to appeal to different markets.

One-stop for all types of fishing tackle. We offer one of the widest range of products, from high-end performance reels to economically-priced terminal tackle, there is something that we can offer for your market.

SureCatch World exports to more than 35 countries.

Australia: Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia
Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,  Maldives
Europe: Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Canary Islands, Turkey, Portugal
Middle East: Israel, Dubai, Kuwait
North America: USA
South America: Panama
Africa: Mauritius, South Africa, Uganda