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Zerek Innovation

The ultimate lure for every angler.

In 2008 a group of lure enthusiasts, professional anglers and product developers from Siow Chiang (currently known as SureCatch World) set forth to create the best range of lures for every condition. More than a year later of intensive development and user feedback, that vision became a reality with the introduction of Zerek.

Zerek lures are made to look and swim like real fish. See them in action and be dazzled by their vibrant colours and beautifully choreographed movements. Through rounds of testing, user reviews and simulations, Zerek has proved to be the ultimate lure that no tackle box should be without.

Today, Zerek has added rods and accessories to its range of products to complete the ultimate luring experience for anglers. Zerek is currently available in major fishing tackle shops in more than eight countries, including: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, Italy, Croatia and Brazil.

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