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Tiburon Engineering

Saltwater fishing reels geared for truly big game.

Tiburon’s patented reels are known for their unmatched drag, durability and gear shifting performance. They are designed to instantly change gears in response to resistance from a fighting fish. Anglers can rest assured that their Tiburon reels will stay in the proper gear and retrieve line at the fastest rate possible – all automatically.

Since the introduction of the SST Smart Shift reels, big game fishing enthusiasts have been delighted by the sensitivity and intelligence of Tiburon reels. They make it that much easier to reel in large catch.

Tiburon is extensively marketed in the U.S and can be found in major fishing tackle shops worldwide.

More about Tiburon Engineering

  • Products: Reels, Frames, Handles
  • Notable Products: Smart Shift® Automatic 2-Speed Reels, Quick Change™ Reels, T-Bar™ handles
  • Website: www.tiburonengineering.com