Our Brands


SureCatch World is one of Southeast Asia’s leading wholesalers and manufacturers of sports fishing tackle. Headquartered in Singapore, we have provided fishermen with choice fishing tackle brands and products for more than 50 years.

Founded in 1926, SureCatch World, formerly known as Siow Chiang & Company Private Limited, began importing and exporting toiletries, cosmetic, textiles and chinaware. The growth of the local recreational fishing scene in the 1950s led us to catch the next wave and focus our core business on trading sport fishing tackle. We later ventured into manufacturing with our acquisition of Anka Tackle Corporation, allowing us to customise products for the market needs of our partners and customers.

We have established offices in Penang, Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak, East Malaysia, while working closely with our partners in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia to further develop the markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Supported by manufacturing operations in Malaysia, China, South Korea and Taiwan, we currently export to more than 30 countries around the world.

We continue to fulfil our purpose of providing the best-in-class experience for fishermen, working with our partners to develop new brands and grow existing brands in new markets.

Since the introduction of our most successful brand, SureCatch in 1997, we have brought to market other quality brands such as ATC (2001), Tiburon (2006) and Zerek Innovation (2010).

Rebranding from Siow Chiang to SureCatch World

In 2013, Siow Chiang rebranded itself as SureCatch World to reflect the group’s vision to be a holistic provider of products and experiences for sports fishing tackle. The rebrand also reflects the group’s aspiration of working together with their partners to achieve success. From manufacturing, wholesaling and providing a diverse portfolio of brands, SureCatch World aims to add value to existing partners by creating new products and experiences. The rebranding also sets the stage for the company to expand its operations globally.

Our Purpose

Organised in pursuit of creating the Best-in-Class Experience for Fishermen

Our Vision

To be the leading fishing tackle company in Southeast Asia by 2016.

Our Mission

To maximise wealth for our stakeholders by:

  • Attracting talents with diversified expertise and fields
  • Improving our manufacturing capabilities
  • Practising effective cost management
  • Collaborating closely with our customers to meet their market needs