Our Brands


From its humble beginnings as a sundry business to a regional group specialising in the sale and production of fishing tackle, SureCatch World has grown tremendously over the past eight decades. As we continue to expand, we look forward to catching the next wave.

Our Milestones

1926: The Toh family established Siow Chiang & Company in Singapore, with main partners from Kuching and Sibu. Its main business was dealing with sundry goods.

1946 – 1948: The Toh family sold the business, returned to China and came back to Singapore when Communist China was declared.

1950s: Siow Chiang started selling fishing tackle at 254 Beach Rd.

1965 – 1966: Introduced house brand for fishing lines, Starfish.

1967: Siow Chiang became the agent for the Olympic fishing tackle brand.

1975: Siow Chiang established its first branch in Malaysia. Sales revenues reached S$2.5 million.

1977: SureCatch Fishing Tackle Company was set up. Started office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1979: Started operations in Johor, Malaysia.

1981: Anka Tackle Corporation was set up.

1996: Started sales office in Hong Kong.

1997: Officially launched house brand SureCatch; entered agreement with Australian partners to sell SureCatch products in Australia.

1999: Bought 40% stake in Anka Tackle Corporation

2001: Bought the rest of the stake in Anka Tackle Corporation; officially launched house brand ATC.

2006: Obtained distributorship rights for Tiburon.

2010: Launched house brand Zerek Innovation.

2011: SureCatch and ATC’s new brand identities unveiled after two-year branding exercise.

2012: AdventureTad appointed as exclusive distributor for SureCatch and Zerek Innovation in Thailand.

2013: Siow Chiang rebrands itself as SureCatch World.