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Alkaff Mosque Family Fishing Competition

Filed under Events on February 14th, 2013

Organised by Alkaff Mosque and exclusive sponsors in Siow Chiang & Co Pte Ltd and Mustad, it was held on 25th Nov 2012 as a family themed fishing competition.

Using  the unique ‘Penetrator’ hooks sponsored by Mustad, the fine gauge of the Mustad Penetrator belies its real strength, because it penetrates easily right down to the bend. When the load is concentrated at the base of the hook bend, the stress on the hook is minimised. As a result, participants were rewarded with higher hook up rates and impressive catches.

Photos of the event’s highlights are featured below:

Competition banner depicting attractive prizes

Crowd of people filling up the registration forms

Checking dilligently through the participants list

Alkaff Mosque organizers with loads of prizes waiting to be won

Distribution of Mustad Penetrator hooks to a participant before the competition

A satisfied smile from this female angler

With his Mustad Penetrator hook, this participant is all set. Fish on!

Mustad Penetrator hook + great catch = A happy angler

Fishing is enjoyable for anyone, just like this lady with her catch

Firm grip on his catch with his trusty Mustad Penetrator hook

The catch only gets better

2 fishing buddies in hearty smiles with their catches.

The heaviest Catch of the Day was achieved by this angler

Third prize winner in all smiles posing with his hard earned SureCatch and Mustad prizes

2nd prize winner. Congratulations!

1st Prize winner bags home $500 worth of cash, with SureCatch rod and reel coupled with a Mustad T-shirt as prizes

Plague of Appreciation to Siow Chiang & Co Pte Ltd

Alkaff Mosque representative, Mr Jaffar presentating the plague of appreciation to Siow Chiang for their sponsorship

Happy participants posing with their preferred hooks of choice : Mustad Penetrator