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Bintulu International Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament 2012

Filed under Events on June 28th, 2012

Siow Chiang Team together with our International Distributors were on board Marine Max as participants and sponsors for Bintulu International Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament 2012 15th-17th June 2012. Fishing was done entirely with Rods-Zerek & ATC, Reels-ATC Astromac/Hydromac & Tiburon, Lines-SureCatch Gallant, Jigs-ATC & SureCatch, Hooks-MUSTAD. It was a 3 days on board fishing tournament event.

Our Siow Chiang Team

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing was there to grace the event and also sponsored for the prize money.

Tournament Officially Starts!

Excited, all geared up and ready to rumble...

Sandro Rigging Up With Mustad Hook

Checking ATC jigs equipped with deadly Mustad hooks on the way to our destination.

Upon reaching our destination, sky was already dark. We were quick to drop our jigs into the deep waters below. The sharp Mustad hooks soon found their mark with our equally efficient gears.

Sandro with a giant trevally.

Metin posing with Medhat lands a nice red ruby, bottom fishing using Mustad 7691S hook.

Amr with Rosy Jobfish on bottom fishing using Mustad 39948 hook.

Natavoot jigs up a Big Eye Trevally with Zerek Tamer rod, ATC Astromac and Mustad 10827 hook.

Issac jigs up a good sized Dogtooth Tuna on ATC rod & Astromac 8000 reel.

Freddie Jigs up a Dogtooth On Tiburon Dark Force and ATC jig with 10827 Mustad Hook.

Highlights of the Tournament, 167kg Giant Grouper landed by a local angler who netted the first prize.

Back after competiton, to enjoy glorious food and prize presentation.

Doris and the rest of the boys on stage during prize presentation.

After the tournament, all participants attended dinner at the luxurious restaurant. Jokes, speech and prize winners were shared and introduced during prize presentation. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly during the event and look forward to the Bintulu International Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament 2013 next year. We’ll be back…..