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Siow Chiang at Nanyang Lake Competition in Singapore

Filed under Events on April 10th, 2011

The annual Nanyang Lake Fishing Competition was held on 12-13 March 2011. This year, NTU Anglers’ Club (NTUAC) had invited Siow Chiang & Co. Pte Ltd to be the main sponsor for the event.

Prior to the event, we were invited to a private fishing and after witnessing the high hit rate at Nanyang Lake, we agreed readily and worked out a comprehensive sponsorship plan for the competition.

76 anglers joined the competition this year. As part of the sponsorship package, each participant received a goodie bag from the organizing committee upon registration. The goodie bag consisted of a SureCatch Cap and other gifts. All of them geared with their fishing rods, lines and reels. All types of baits can be found, from gold fish, bread, eel, chicken heart, canned hotdogs and bread soaked with cod liver oil, etc.

Participants were spread evenly around the lake. NTUAC has also organized Landing Parties and Instructors around the lake to assist with fishes and to render help and advice to novice anglers.

It was a race between the participants to nab the first catch of the day prize, with eagerness hanging in the air. Not long after the first cast made by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Lok, the first catch was landed.

From there, Nanyang Lake started exploding with activity. There was undeniable excitement and happiness on all participants’ faces when they finally landed fish.

In line with environmental conservation and “Catch and Release” practices, only a maximum of 2 fish are allowed to be brought home for consumption, subject to species and weight class. Participants were also highly encouraged to clean up after themselves in terms of rubbish, which was generally quite well done overall. The atmosphere was thick with friendly competition, but extremely fun at the same time. It was one of happiness and satisfaction.

At the end of the day, all participants had a satisfying amount of catch. Species that were landed for both the days included Walking catfish, Patin, Rohu, Arowana, gourami and even a mega sized humble aquarium sucker fish!

Winners of the competition use a lot of specially blended dough made of fish feed and cod liver oil. Using cod liver oil bread as bait is definitely an eye-opener and we were very happy to see innovative fishing ideas being used in this competition.

Participant trying to gauge the size of his fish

One of the trainers testing the tackle at the competition

Zerek lures were also sold at the event.

Siow Chiang and NTUAC

(Note: All photos featured in this post are courtesy of NTUAC and NYLC Organising Committee. Siow Chiang thanks the team for capturing these great moments during the event.)

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Opportunities for Sponsorships and Special Events

At Siow Chiang, we heartily support fishing events and sponsoring SureCatch products for competitions and other activities. Siow Chiang has set up a new marketing department to look into the needs of the fishing industry and to create more opportunities, meeting places and events for like-minded anglers to participate in. Events and activities would also promote the fishing as a life-long hobby and the favorite family pastime.

If you would like to work with Siow Chiang in organizing fishing events and activities, please feel free to email us and share how we can work together to build better place for all anglers.

Siow Chiang is a proud sponsor of Nanyang Lake Competition 2011